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     I just used Haringey Cleaners for a deep clean after a party and they were great. You'd never even know we'd had people over, and they managed to do a full carpet clean too, so no more muddy footprints.
Angela Bold19/05/2020
     I Love this cleaning service! They do a fantastic job, they are always friendly and our dog loves them!
Tracy W.19/09/2019
     After Haringey Cleaning Company and their cleaners were finished working their magic in my property, everything was immaculate. It was a seriously professional clean, a great job, and all at a great price.
Gabby R.21/08/2017
      Haringey Cleaning Company have a great reputation locally which is why I called them first to get a price on a regular house clean. They quoted me at such a low rate I knew I couldn't go wrong! They've been cleaning my house for the last six months and I'm completely satisfied with their work.
Mrs Stevenson 14/07/2015
     The cleaners from HaringeyCarpetCleaners are fantastic. They are simply the best cleaning firm I have come across in years. They love what they do and that is reflected in the work they do. My neighbours always praise me for my spotless carpets and clean house. I am pleased to say that their team gets the entire credit for keeping my house clean and in order.
M. Dickson08/05/2015
     Today was the first time we hired HaringeyCarpetCleaners to clean our house and we are very happy with the results. The cleaning team that came to our house was very nice and thorough in the job they did. They even touched upon areas that we had not requested and paid attention to all details around the house. I didn't even know my curtains had gotten dirty but they did a wonderful job cleaning them on the spot. In three hours, my house was completely transformed, all thanks to the wonderful cleaning team. I am definitely calling them again!
     I was so pleased with my recent home cleaning service I have just had. I wanted a really good and thorough spring clean as I hadn't felt up to much of late as I had been ill. My daughter passed on the name and number of a company she used from time to time. HaringeyCarpetCleaners were wonderful. The workers did a meticulous job and nothing was damaged or broken. The result was a sparkling clean home that smelt so fresh and clean.
D. Armstrong24/11/2014
     One of the more rewarding aspects of a professional cleaner is the feeling you get once the job's finished. My home looks fantastic now, and it's all thanks to HaringeyCarpetCleaners. I've always wanted to give my home a good clean, but I struggled to find the time. I probably should've hired them a long time ago, but that's hardly something to waste time reflecting on. My cleaner did an excellent job, and the service as a whole was far more affordable than I was expecting - especially compared to other companies out there. Thanks for giving me the home that I've always wanted!
Johnathan P.21/08/2014
     Knowing that you have a really great cleaning company at the other end of the phone is a big plus in my book. I find that having HaringeyCarpetCleaners around means that I am well set to get the place looking great no matter what kind of a situation I am in, and they will always do a great job of it all. You can often find that ensuring that your house looks its best at the last minute is difficult, but not with HaringeyCarpetCleaners, they are always on point and ready. The prices are pretty excellent as well, which makes everything that little bit easier all round!
Peter Lewis31/07/2014
     As if maintaining a home with a dog wasn't hard enough, I now have a puppy to add to the family too. Everything was fairly manageable with just the one pet but even something as small as a new puppy was enough to make the job ten times harder. My husband decided that if the mess continued, we would have to get rid of the puppy and I'd already fallen in love with him by then! I called HaringeyCarpetCleaners to see if they could give me a hand managing the mess and the results were phenomenal! You have to see it for yourself!
Gemma D.16/07/2014
     After some recent misfortunes, I find myself handling much more than I used to. One of the tasks that I now had to handle was the cleaning of my home and I wouldn't be able to do it on top of everything else. I decided to not waste time by calling HaringeyCarpetCleaners immediately. Their staff were with me in no time and they now handle all my cleanliness chores. I can see to other matters wile I knew they are getting on with the job. For all the problems in my life, I know I don't have to worry about cleaning and that I can return to a pleasant home, thanks to them.
Walter A.20/06/2014
     I was looking round for a really great cleaning company and I haven't found a decent one since I moved away about ten years ago. That was until someone put me in touch with HaringeyCarpetCleaners and since then everything's been so much easier. It's a big part of my job that I don't really have the time to dedicate to the cleaning that I would really like, and that's why I have the help from the best companies. So if you're looking for the right kind of cleaning help, I'd definitely recommend giving them a call right now.
Samuel Hill04/06/2014
     I will be the first to admit that I am not a very good house wife. I can't cook, and I hardly know how to use the iron, but this has given me a good eye for a brilliant cleaning company! I use HaringeyCarpetCleaners and they have always been absolutely fantastic. I thought it high time to come on here and say thank you, and to give a bit back by recommending them to everyone! The team are always smiling when they show up, and always on time, ready to deliver a great clean. An amazing job every week!
Jeanne Flores29/04/2014
     This is a first class cleaning service that I would recommend to absolutely anyone. I'd wanted a house cleaner for ages, but I'd never been able to find the funds. I heard about HaringeyCarpetCleaners and called them up after I changed jobs and found myself with more money. The price quote I was given was very reasonable and I was looking forward to having my house professionally cleaned. I was sent two house cleaners with lots of experience. They took instructions well and I felt very comfortable with them in my home. The cleaning they did was excellent, truly fantastic, and I'll be using this service again and again!
     People have been asking me for a while about how I find the time to get my house clean while still attending to my various other commitments. Well, I usually just smile and say I find the time somehow, but this is a massive lie. Actually, I hire the services of HaringeyCarpetCleaners and they are amazing. They get everything cleaned in no time at all, and to a really high standard. It's things like the dusting and the hovering and the polishing; things I could never find the time to do. It's amazing what they can do, thanks guys.
Alice Kelly19/03/2014
     There are more important things in life than cleaning but I really didn't want to be living in squalor! I tried to find a balance between my work life, spending time with the kids and keeping the house clean, but it proved to be just too much for me, and why waste time cleaning when I could be with my family? I called HaringeyCarpetCleaners to hire a cleaner who could make sure that my house always looked great, so that I could focus on the more fun things in life! Now I have lots of spare time to spend with my family, and I couldn't be more pleased! Thanks!
     It may sound like a bizarre treat for your wife, but I hired HaringeyCarpetCleaners to clean our home exactly for that reason. She is so house-proud and puts a lot of time and effort into maintaining our home in impeccable condition, so I thought it would be a nice idea to save her having to do it for just one week. Obviously I was a little worried that they wouldn't do a good enough job, but I needn't have been. My wife and I were both thoroughly impressed, so much so that we have had HaringeyCarpetCleaners back many times since. Great work.
P. Meltby03/12/2013

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